About Us

We are the international sportswear wholesale company. Our clients are based in most of the EU countries as well as in the Switzerland, Middle East, Maghreb and South Korea.

Our goal is to supply the widest range of products from the categories such as: clothing, footwear, accessories and underwear. There are always 500-600 of various products in our permanent offer. All our products have packaging, tags and labels.

Each week we add several new models to our offer.

Our team consist of highly trained and experienced specialists.

The sense of urgency is extremely important for us because we understand well that time really matters for our clients. Shipping is timely and reasonably priced (we prepare goods for dispatch within 24 hours).

All clients are equally important for us but we highly evaluate regular ordering which is even more important for us than a size of the orders.

We want to make ordering as easy and efficient as possible so you may entirely focus on your sale because only if your business thrives we are successful too.

Here you will find the necessary information about an entire transaction.